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How We Started

When “high-schooler” Corey Krutilek fired up his small push mower on Saturday mornings to cut neighborhood lawns back in 1987, little did he know that he was planting the seeds that eventually grew into YardBirds, Inc. From those early beginnings of a simple lawn mowing service that provided weekly spending money, YardBirds has blossomed into a full service creator of outdoor living solutions. 

For those outdoor enthusiasts interested in creating an environment which not only enhances curb appeal, but also establishes paradise right outside the back door, YardBirds is eager to provide a customized design and proposal. Our highly professional team works diligently to transform dreams into reality. 

Based in the Kingwood, Texas area, YardBirds Landscaping, Inc. provides the following menu of services throughout the Houston metropolitan area:

● Landscape Design and Installation
● Hardscape Design and Installation
● Outdoor Landscape Night Lighting
● Water Features, Waterscapes, Ponds, Waterfalls
● Stone Patios, Decks & Pergolas
● Outdoor Kitchens, Patio Kitchens
● Firepits, Gas or Wood Burning
● Sprinkler and Drainage Systems
● Outdoor Holiday Christmas Lights Installation & Design
● Lawn Maintenance, Mowing, Edging, Mulching

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